Alcohol, muscle relaxers, and marijuana help Waukesha man sexually assault two teens


by Matt Doyle

Waukesha -- The criminal complaint says David Trejo Miguel used Mike's Hard Lemonade, marijuana, muscle relaxers, and other substances to help him sexually assault his step-daughter and one of her friends over the weekend. 

His wife, also the mother of one of the teens, spoke out against him today.

"If I had known about it sooner it wouldn't have happened," she says.  “The night, I guess the majority of it happened, I was in the hospital having surgery. I didn't even get home until the next day.”

The complaint says Trejo Miguel admits to having oral sex with the step-daughter multiple times over the past year - but he denies ever having sex with her.

However, the step-daughter says they've had sex.  And every time she's under the influence.

The complaint also says she told her mother of Trejo Miguel's behavior and she didn't believe her.

"That part was totally taken out of context,” she says. 

“If my daughter would have came to me and said 'mom, this is what's happening', there's no way in hell I would continue and just look the other way."

Author Benoni Gaud, a sexual assault survivor said it's common for mom's to look away when it involves a boyfriend or husband.

"Mom has two choices,” Gaud said.   “Either believe what is happening and accepting.  And say, 'okay, this is happening, I'm going to do something for my daughter, or completely denying.  I don't want to deal with this, this is too stressful for me’.”

In this case, the victim's mother says her daughter is in therapy now.

"She's doing really well under the circumstances."

Trejo Miguel will be back in court April 5.


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