Tornado survivor to Wisconsin family: We're alright

CBS 58 and social media help connect woman to family in Milwaukee


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE-In the chaos of Moore, Oklahoma there was one interview that caught our eye.

"Nobody knows where anybody is. We can't contact anybody. Hopefully if anybody's listening. We're okay. I'm from Wisconsin," the woman pleaded, " My son and I are okay my sister, my nieces, my brother in law. Everybody's fine."

It was a plaintiff request from Norma Bautista as she hung onto her family, including her son Julio who survived a grade school collapse.

We couldn't leave it alone and through the facebook page of our Spanish speaking affiliate Telemundo Wisconsin, we posted the woman's picture and sent the message to any family that may come across it locally.

We are happy to report that by Tuesday, family and friends in Southeast Wisconsin saw our post and expressed thanks.

They told us they hadn't seen Norma live on television but we're grateful to have come across the CBS 58 News post. So, they could be assured that their worse fears had not been realized.



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