Tips for finding trustworthy child care providers


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- Doing your homework and being observant are key to finding the right child care provider. There's an online tool that points out where several providers fall short.

Milwaukee mom Alicia Lee pulled her kids from one daycare after finding out workers were picking on her son. "That's a horrible experience to live with to know that your kids are in someone elses car, and they're not treated right," she said "That doesn't feel good."

Helping parents like Alicia find trustworthy child care providers is why non-profit groups like 4C For Children exists. Executive Director Jack McCommon says the Young Star rating program is a great online resource for parents.

A quick search reveals any violations that state licensing specialists find. It also shows how each provider mearures up based on caregivers education, learning environment, business practices and health and wellness.

McCommon suggest visiting the child care provider unannounced. He says, "Every program should have an open door policy, and allow parents to come in to view their child as they are in that environment."

4C For Children Instructor Chandra Morris says changes in a child's behavior could be a red flag. Kids might not vocalize a problem, but their actions could show you something wrong.

McCommon says research suggests that child care providers with higer education tend to offer the best care. Click here to chek out Youngstar rating programs here.


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