Thousands Walk Milwaukee's Lakefront for MS Research


by Elizabeth Fay

MILWAUKEE -- Thousands of people laced up their walking shoes to fund research of and incurable but treatable disease that's common in Northern states like Wisconsin. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society Wisconsin Chapter's "Walk MS" took place along Milwaukee's Lakefront on Sunday.

 Lakesha Johnson was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and participated in the event with her family.  "There are days when I can't walk. I have double vision. I can't see. It varies from person to person but everyday is a new challenge. I've learned with my faith in God and my family, bring it on, I am ready!" says Johnson.

Scientists are trying to put an end to  MS which affects more than 100,000 Wisconsinites, according to the  National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Some researchers believe our state's high prevalence rate is linked to a lack of Vitamin D which people can get from sun exposure.

This walk is expected to help raise more than $1 million in Wisconsin this year  to fund researchers' efforts to find a cure. "We want to fund every important research idea. We want to go down every path that we can. It's with walks like this one today that we are able to do that," says Colleen Kalt who leads the National MS Society's Wisconsin Chapter.


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