The Price is Right comes to town

at the Riverside Theater


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE-Admit it, who hasn't imagined their voice being called to "come on down" as the next contestant on smash hit game show "The Price is Right."

On Tuesday, hundreds of fans got that chance at the Riverside Theater.

It was the Price is Right traveling version.

Participants had to register first and then take part in the interactive stage show that pulls competitors from the audience for the chance to win great prizes.

The Price is Right is television's longest running and arguably most popular game show.

From Plinko to Cliffhangers to the Big Wheel, even the fabulous Showcase, all the favorite games are played just like on the TV show.

The CBS 58 Morning News team also took part.

The Price is Right airs weekday mornings at 10:00 on CBS 58 in Milwaukee.



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