The Gun Control Debate Survey

Public opinion report kicks off special coverage of gun debate


by Mike Strehlow

Milwaukee--CBS 58 launched a week-long series of special reports Monday on the gun control debate with a look at local public opinion on this emotionally-charged issue.

We teamed up with Survey Monkey for an internet-based poll.

More than 750 people responded to questions ranging from a proposed ban on so-called assault weapons, to Wisconsin's concealed carry law.

In addition, we spoke with people on both sides of the gun issue.

John Hanold opposes an assault weapons ban.  He said "most Americans don't know the difference between a semi-automatic and fully automatic rifle, and it just seems unreasonable and foolish to ban something based on semantics rather than knowledge."

"I don't think regular civilians should even have assault weapons in their house," said Emily Hawkes, a Wauwatosa native who now lives in Australia which has some of the most restrictive firearms laws in the world.

In response to the question "How much will stricter gun laws help prevent gun violence?" 14% of the respondents said a lot, 31% responded some, 19% not much, and 33% said not at all.

Michael Plick told us "We do have to do something.  And I think stricter background checks are a first step in doing that, and you can always re-evaluate to see if they've worked or not."

But Charlotte Bootz said "I'm afraid that the gun laws aren't going to control them because the people who should abide by the laws now do not."

To view the results of all 17 questions included in our survey, Click the link below.






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