The Easter Bonnet is Back


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE-Milliner Lisa Hatch is keeping that treasured fashion symbol, the hat, alive and well.

Long ago on 5th Avenue in New York, ladies began strolling in the Easter parade to show off their new hats.

Hatch says there's no reason why modern women of Milwaukee should be denied.

"It's a better clue to your personality than a great pair of shoes," Hatch tells CBS 58.

Her gallery in the historic Colby Abbott building is nothing short of a treasure.

From wide brim hats to fascinators, her original creations live up to their billing.

"I want it to look as if the embellishments fell from the sky and gently landed on the hat," Hatch explained.

She also shared the usual guidelines for hat wearing.

"If you have trims that come down, you usually have them down on the right. If you use trimmings that flare up, you put them up on the left."

It was just a generation ago that ladies wouldn't think of leaving the house without a hat and given the long winter we've had she thinks the hat is ready for a comeback.

"We're so grateful spring seems to be here," Hatch declared, "No more black, no more dark brown. Let's go out and shout that spring is here and the flowers are on the way."

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