Temperature 50 Degrees Colder than Last Year


by Elizabeth Fay

MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- Looks like Punxsutawney Phil was wrong. Spring never came early. The first day of spring starts Wednesday and there's still snow on the ground and temperatures in the twenties.

This time last year, Milwaukee-Area golfers sported short sleeves while swinging under the hot sun. Weather in Mid-March last year was around 75 degrees. Today, golfers are indoors at the Milwaukee County Currie Park Golf Dome, anxious to get outdoors.

"We are just dying to get out and hit some balls outside," says golfer, Charles Randolph.

"We were hoping it'd be the same way it was last year so we could get out and hit some balls in March but it looks like it's going to be well into April before we get a chance to get out, so we better practice," adds golfer Gerry Monday.

The chilly temps are keeping people from rushing out to buy spring staples- like lawn and garden supplies and grills. Employees at Tomchek Ace Hardware in Waukesha put out warm-weather inventory last month. Assistant Manager, Mike Tomchek says it's selling, "Little slow right now but we know once the weather breaks we will be fine."








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