Teens in court for homicide of great-grandmother


by Becky Mortensen

SHEBOYGAN FALLS---Antonio Barbeau and Nathan Paape, both 13-years-old are being charged as adults for the murder of Barbeau's 78-year-old great-grandmother.

Some gruesome details were revealed Friday about the planned murder the two boys committed.

Barbeau and Paape went to Barbeau's great-grandmother Barbara Olson's house intending to kill her. They entered through an unlocked door.

When Olson came upon the boys, she told them she was going to call Barbeau's mother.

When she turned away, Barbeau struck her several times with ahatchet. Paape joined in beating Olsen with a hammer.

After the boys realized she was dead, they went through the house collecting valuables.

They then tried to load Olson's body into her own car to try and cover up what they'd done.

When the boys were unsuccessful in hiding the body, they stole her car and drove it to a bowling alley and got some pizza.

The boys left the keys in the car, along with the valuables they stole, hoping someone would steal the vehicle and be blamed for the murder.

Both the boys later confessed to the murder. They are both in police custody.


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