Teens Hold Bake Sale for Slain Officer's Funeral Expenses

Many were mentored by Officer Jen Sebena


by Michele McCormack

HARTLAND-On the eve of her funeral, teenagers touched by the work of murdered Police Officer Jen Sebena are paying tribute the best way they know how; by raising money to make sure she has a proper funeral.

"We wanted to contribute whatever we could to pay for Jen's funeral," Jillian Drewes told CBS 58 news, "Jen meant a lot to us and she was really great to us."

Sebena was a youth mentor and a touchstone in the teenagers' lives. So, it only seemed fitting that home baked goods would be their way to do something positive in the face of the tragic loss.

Truth be told, it was also a way to get away from the news and the tragic circumstances of her killing and the horror that her husband is now charged with the crime.

"There's always going to be negative coverage," Drewes stated, "but this is our way to focus on what's really important and what a positive person she was. She had such a light and love in her heart."

The response from shoppers at the Piggly Wiggly was all they had hoped for with one customer paying as much as $20 for one cookie.

The teens' sadness soothed by the realization that now strangers are beginning to realize just how special Jen Sebena was.




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