Teen charged with sexually assaulting six-year-old at church


by Chris Patterson

MENOMONEE FALLS -- 18-year-old Austin Mucha is charged with First Degree Child Sex Assault after allegedly engaging in sex acts with a six-year-old girl at Falls Baptist Church. Court documents say the girls mother walked in on the two in the church's nursery room.

According to the criminal complaint, the six-year-old girl was sent to the nursery room by her mother to return a pillow. When the girl took took long the girl's mother went to check on her daughter. That's when she found her child naked next to Mucha.

Mucha told police he came upon the six-year-old by herself in a room. The girl says he picked her up like a teddy bear, and she started to cry. The child told police Mucha took off her shoes and removed her underwear.

The criminal complaint says the girl told police Mucha asked her to unbutton her dress. The girl also alleges Mucha used his mouth to touch her where she "goes potty". Mucha told police someone came into the room, turned the lights on and saw him with the girl.

According to witness statements, Mucha fled the scene heading down Appleton Ave. He was caught by bystanders, and brought back to the church until police arrived. The criminal complaint says Mucha ran because he was scared.

According to Menomonee Falls Police, Mucha told them, "I raped her." He also told police he'd been hearing voices in his head since high school. He told police they tell him to do things.

 If convicted, Mucha faces up to 60 years in prison.


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