Officer tases suspect, sparks controversy


by Michele McCormack
by Tiffany Tarpley

KENOSHA- The Police and Fire Commission is investigating an arrest last July where an officer used a taser on a man.

Now, the incident is being reviewed to see if the use of the taser was justified and if the suspect was posing a threat at the time and also if the officer pulled the taser too soon.

"The biggest concern is that the police report didn't match the video," Ronald Frederick the Commission President tells CBS 58.

It was a local defense attorney who filed a complaint requesting the board look into the incident.

The officer was responding to the report of a fight.

The officer says he saw two men actively fighting each other in the middle of the street and that he believed the man he tased would have fought him as well.

Kenosha Police Chief John Morrissey says he received the complaint last month and has two specialists reviewing the incident.

Dash cam video shows in the first 15 seconds of arriving on scene, one man was knocked to the ground by the taser, the other went to the ground voluntarily.

"We can play 15 seconds of video and that's not the full story," Chief Morrissey explained.

The commission will review the incident on Tuesday.

The officer in question has been on the department for about five years and the chief say no other complaints have been filed against him.


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