Sweating on the Job


by Becky Mortensen
by Michael Schlesigner

(Milwaukee)--Air conditioning is something many of us take for granted in weather like this.  But many others don't have that luxury, especially where they work.  Tom Mckay of Avenue Fabricare has to put up with the extreme heat.  He has no choice.  He runs a dry cleaner in the heart of downtown Milwaukee.  100 degrees by the presser.  There is no air conditioning.  Just fans.
Unfortunately McKay is one of so many having to deal with this kind of unbearable working environment.  It's an environment never monitored by any governing force like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA.  Chris Zortman of OSHA says this is why it's so important to take your own physical well being in your workplace into your own hands.  There are things you can do like taking extra breaks, drinking lots of water, and finding the shade. 
Meantime, Arctic Glacier  is producing more than two hundred tons of ice every day from its Menomonee Falls location.  Business has increased one hundred percent since the heat wave started. This is truly the place to be and work in weather we're experiencing. 
Obviously most of us can't work in an ice plant.  But we can keep it cool by following some helpful advice from OSHA.  You can go to www.osha.gov for more information. Search for the heat illness section on its website. 


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