Three suspects in Glen Willis case waive preliminary hearings


by Jesse Tovar

MILWAUKEE -- Today Ashley Howard, Brittany Clary, and Michael Sether have all waived their preliminary court hearings. All three face a felony charge of hiding the body of Glenn Willis in his east side apartment last month.

According to police, Sether helped the two women, who are prostitutes, hide his body after he died following a night of drug and substance abuse. The criminal complaint details that after Howard and Willis took heroin, she found him several hours later struggling to breathe. Instead of calling 911, she called Michael Sether and went to his apartment.

Sether, who lives with Clary, came back to Willis' apartment and decided he was dead. The complaint says they proceeded to wrap Willis' body in a comforter and put it in the closet. Howard says once they did that, the three continued to use heroin and tried to go on a shopping spree with Willis' credit cards.

After the attempted shopping spree, Howard and Clary went back to the apartment, allegedly for prostitution as Willis' body remained in the closet. Police say they entertained customers and did drugs for nearly two weeks while his dead body was in the closet.

Howard, Clary, and Sether will appear in court next for their arraignments, which have been scheduled for July 24, 2013 at 8:30 a.m.


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