Supreme Court won't take action on Elmbrook Church graduation venue lawsuit


by Becky Mortensen

BROOKFIELD --- The Supreme Court has decided not to weigh in on a controversial graduation ceremony held in a church in Brookfield.

It's a case that has potential to redefine the traditional separation of church and state. The U.S. Supreme Court has been going over the case for nearly two months. They're trying to determine if a Brookfield school graduation ceremony was unlawful.

The graduation was held in the Elmbrook Church because the school gym was not spacious enough.

Some students and parents, who remain anonymous, were uncomfortable with the setting and sued the district saying the graduation was offensive.

Amy Howe of says the case has been relisted several times. Relisting a case gives it another chance to be considered by justices. Howe says, "Presumably it will be relisted yet again."


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