Supervisor says county board was never informed of public safety changes


by Rielle Creighton

MILWAUKEE WI --- One day after Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett presented a plan for the city to take over policing of city parks and the lakefront and cellphone 911 calls made within the city, one county Supervisor says she's 'concerned' by Abele's handling of the matter.

"I would have appreciated being told first," said Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander.

Alexander says it was a move that took the entire Board by surprise and they all found out about it on TV.

Abele told CBS 58 News on Monday, "Nobody's compromising public safety. If we can improve public safety and improve the coordination and save money, boy you know I’ll do that all day."

Abele and Barrett projected the plan would save taxpayers about $1.6 million.

"It's more an issue of respect, allowing the legislative board to know the intentions of the County Executive before the general public and the media does," said Alexander.

The Supervisor says she believes Milwaukee police are already stretched too thin.

Alexander says it's a plan she can't support and Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark says it's one he won't implement, calling it an attempt to undermine his authority.

"It's not binding on me, so let me say it again and in the clearest possible way, Chris Abele and Tom Barrett will not make public safety decisions for Milwaukee County, I will," said Clarke.


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