Summerfest vendors hopeful for big sales

Early days have been slow for some


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE -- There are givens at Summerfest food and drink among them.

But vendors who are selling an array of items are hoping musical festival goers will dump some green on anything from clothes to jewelry to artwork.

Vendors from throughout the country set up their tents here every year hoping to cash in.

Some vendors on day three are telling CBS 58 that the spending hasn't been as good compared with the opening days in years past. 

Miguel Aburto of Brew City Airbrush tells CBS 58's Tiffany Tarpley that, "This is the third day so people first days they just like to walk around and look what they can find then after the third maybe fourth day come back and start to buy."

"It's never predictable," Thomas Adeetuk of Akarim African Enterprise added, " it starts slow and then it picks up but I don't know what the problem is this year I'm still having great expectations."



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