Summer School in the Sweltering Heat


by WDJT Editor

Classes are back in session at MPS for summer school, even though some of those schools have no air conditioning. That's the case at Milwaukee High School of the Arts.

"Today, yesterday, I was hoping they would cancel. No such luck though," says science teacher, Kari Byrnes.

She and her students are staying hydrated, using extra fans and keeping the shades closed to keep cool. Still, she says it's hard to keep the students' attention. "The students are very aggravated by the heat. They don't want to sit still."

Milwaukee Public Schools kept classes in session despite the heat, partly to accommodate working parents and serve meals to students who count on them. However, administrators let parents decide if the conditions are too tough for learning.

"If parents choose to keep their students home, there won't be any penalties for that," says MPS Spokesperson Tony Tagliavia.

Downstairs at the high school, dancers move through the hot and sticky conditions. Dance student, Izabela Gasparri was glad classes were in session. "I wanted to dance regardless of the temperature," she says. About 45 students filled the gym with only one fan to keep them cool. "Every time I finish a phrase or get up off the dance floor, there is always just a puddle of sweat."


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