Students make t-shirts to support boy accused of assault


by Tiffany Tarpley

WHITEFISH BAY --Some students at Whitefish Bay High School made and wore t-shirts in support of a male student accused of sexually assaulting a female student.

The campaign appears to have started on twitter with organizers encouraging other students to wear the t-shirts to school Thursday.

A 15-year-old boy is accused of forcing a 16-year-old girl to perform oral sex after school last week.

Some feel it's too early for anyone to jump to conclusions.  "I have mixed feelings because no one really knows what actually happened and I feel like people having such strong reactions so early is definitely uncalled for," one student said.

CBS 58 has learned the students were told to cover the t-shirts up in class.  The suspect has been referred to juvenile authorities for possible charges.






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