Stray bullets strike 4-year-old boy

Family gathers at shooting scene with young victim


by Tiffany Tarpley

MILWAUKEE--Family, friends and Peace for Change Alliance gathered Wednesday to pray for peace after stray bullets struck a 4-year-old boy on the city's north side.

"My child, he could've been gone especially with the caliber gun he was hit with he could've been gone," said Jassmine Mulbah.

Mulbah said bullets from a .40 caliber gun struck Jhamarion Kyle, Tuesday night while he was sitting on the front steps to his home on 40th between Burleigh and Chambers in Milwaukee.. His mother and grandmother were also outside on the porch when they heard the gun shots.

"I got shot right here," explained Kyle as he pointed to his wounds on and just under his arm.

No word if police have a suspect in custody. Cameras have been placed in the neighborhood since the shooting and CBS 58 noticed an increased police presence as bike officers patrolled the block where Kyle was shot.

Mulbah said she plans to move from the area because her son is afraid he may be shot again at the home.


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