People purchasing guns for felons


by Rielle Creighton

FRANKLIN--Deer hunters aren’t the only ones buying guns at a local sporting goods stores.

According to federal agents people are buying guns specifically for criminals.

Convicted felons are not legally able to purchase guns.

But the government said that there is a scam going on at Gander Mountain where other people are purchases guns and turning them over to felons.

Gandor Mountain district manager Joel Hertor said that they are working with officials regularly to spot the fakes.

According to court documents people with clean records would purchase guns for felons and other people would aren’t allowed to buy.

They were told to call a group led by John Christensen, a convicted felon, and they came to get their guns.

According to the criminal complaint Christensen, his brother Scott and Matthew Purdy were charged.

The report said that Christensen and his brother then tried to sell a shotgun to an admitted felon for $200.

The felon turned out to be an ATF informant.

Thee types of cries are a top priority for the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Badger Guns was once a favorite for straw buyers.

Gandor Mounatin said that it would not be its replacement.

The U.S. Attorney’s said that they made about 50 arrests of straw purchases in the last six months.


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