Plane with 128th Refueling Wing makes emergency landing


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- For the sixth time in just over a year, a mechanical issue cuts a training mission short at Milwaukee's 128th Air Refueling Wing.

The KC-135R Stratotanker’s right hydraulic failed two hours into a routine training mission. The boom piece also malfunctioned, hanging in the air. Crews had to manually crank the piece back into place. The 10-aircraft fleet dates back more than 50-years. According to operator, the fleet needs constant maintenance. But Operations Group Manager Jeff Cashman also told us these jets are not a safety threat to those on the ground.

"The aviation community uses words like emergency and they have different connotations than regular English. This is not an alarming event. I would compare it to driving a car, when you hear a flapping sound and you pull over the side of the road and you see you have a flat tire. The other thing I would say to reassure you, we have well trained people and well trained pilots, who do a great job of dealing with these minor malfunctions when they happen," he said.

The plane landed safely at Mitchell International Airport.



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