West Allis store owner arrested for buying stolen merchandise


by Chris Patterson

WEST ALLIS -- Burglars forced their way into more than 35 homes primarily in West Allis and Milwaukee. The burglars got away with electronics and jewelry, which may have intentionally been bought by the owner of a West Allis cell phone store.

West Allis resident Suzanne Gieschen talked with CBS 58 Reporter Stephanie Brown about discovering that she and her husband were burglarized while away at church.

Gieschen lived in her home for 50 years, and never had a problem with burglars. She says they took a valuable gold necklace she got while vacationing in Greece.

West Allis Police Captain Chris Botsch says, "These individuals were moving TVs, large big screen TVs, and other electronics. They were primarily often in broad daylight."

The owner of West Allis Wireless Store on Lincoln Ave. was taken into custody after a burglary suspect told police the store owner purchased stolen merchandise, and knew a group of young teens who were burglarizing homes.

Two juveniles, and a convicted felon are in custody. The felon sat in a car while the teens burglarized homes.

Police are asking residents to be aware of their surroundings. Pay attention to who your neighbors are, and who's visiting. Remember to write down serial numbers posted on your electronics. That's the only way you'll be able to recover stolen property.


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