Stiffer penalties for college drinking


by Vanessa Murphy

MILWAUKEE --- Police are stepping up enforcement near the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus. Instead of issuing citations to students who drink alcohol and disturb the neighborhood, students can expect to be arrested.

"If you're going to be an idiot, then you're going to get the consequences of being an idiot," Chief Ed Flynn said Saturday afternoon.

Milwaukee Police held a roll call in the street near campus, along with UWM Police, to get the message out.

Longtime homeowners told CBS 58 that they are fed up by students partying and making a raucous.

Flynn said the harsher enforcement will not only benefit homeowners, but also the students. He explained how drunk students are targets for criminals, and become victims in muggings.

Flynn also told reporters that landlords of problem houses could face violations.

A UWM spokesman said the university's approach is to educate students about being good neighbors.


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