Tuesday, October 21, 2014

State outlines violations against local day care
by Tiffany Tarpley


CEDARBURG--We are learning more about a Cedarburg day care shutdown after allegatons of sexual contact between an adolescent and young children who attended the facility.

Police said they are investigating at least two incidents and more potential victims have also come forward.  Andy Smith, Communications Director for the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families, outlined the following violations at the Family Tree Learning Center:

     1. There are numerous examples of paperwork violations, such as: lack of documentation of a staff physical exam within one month of hire, no documentation of orientation of new staff within their first week, lack of documentation of a TB test, etc.

      2. Following a site visit on 02-03-12:
          Facility was cited after children were observed not being closely supervised on a field trip, when there was an attempt at inappropriate child-to-child contact in a bathroom. A formal warning letter was issued.
      3. Following a site visit on 03-25-13:
          Facility was cited after a power drill was seen lying out on a bench in a storage area through which children must walk to get to an outdoor play area
           Facility was cited for having a step by the rear door to the outdoor play space in which cement blocks did not fit tightly and presented a trip hazard
            Facility was cited for the nap room being too dark such that an individual can not see children on the floor; expectation that the room shall have enough lighting so as not to create a hazard.
              Facility was cited for having a blow-up bunny too close to an exit door; door must have at least 3-feet of clear passage.