State Senate recall race between Darling and Pasch heats up


by John Cuoco

MILWAUKEE--The first and possibly only debate between State Senator Alberta Darling and challenger Sandy Pasch was televised on Sunday.

With their eyes peeled and their ears perked supporters of Pasch held a watch party at Three Lions Club.

They wanted to see how Pasch answered the tough questions against Darling.

The race between the two candidates is only a few weeks away and it’s expected to be highly contested.

Pasch supporters were happy with performance.

They said they found her to be very engaged.

Alberta Darling wasted no time after the debate.

CBS 58 caught up with her meeting potential voters.

Darling said she wanted to spend as much time as she could with voters to see what they think about what she’s doing.

When asked how she felt about how the debate went Darling said we’ll see August 9 when the people vote.

She said she hopes they decide to bring her back.

The debate is two weeks away and with time winding down there is more work to be done on both sides.


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