State Rep. urges people to pressure lawmakers to tackle Milwaukee violence


by David Ade

 MADISON -- How much of the blame for gun violence in Milwaukee should fall on the lawmakers inside the Capitol?

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn is irate, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is fed up, and at least one state representative is publicly saying Madison needs to tackle this.

Evan Goyke (D-Milwaukee) tells us the reason nothing is being done in Madison is because Republicans won't allow any type of gun control bill to reach the Assembly or Senate for a vote.

He says he's worked to mandate background checks for every person who tries to buy a gun, and wrote a bill that would hit gun carrying criminals with longer jail time.

Last August Governor Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) told the media the Legislature would quickly move for a mandatory three year sentence for felons found with guns.

Goyke says that's what his bill would've done, but says republicans just ignored it.


"I have done everything I possibly can inside the state capitol to get my colleagues in the majority party to have a hearing and a vote on these sensible gun laws. And I can't do it. They say no. They don't respond." Goyke said Thursday.

In a statement from Walker's spokesperson, she says the Governor is willing to work with law enforcement to keep illegal guns out of the hands of criminals.  


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