Police Arrest Suspects After Announcing Spike in Burglaries


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE --- Police are putting residents on alert after a citywide spike in burglaries.

Police say the criminals have been getting in by pushing in window air conditioning units and climbing inside.

Some crooks have been able to use the same m.o. with second story units.

Police also warn that with the cooler weather, home owners are leaving windows open, creating an opportunity for burglars.

But just after Milwaukee Police gave a news briefing to media on the problem of burglaries, District 7 officers responded to a burglary in progress in the 2800 block of N. 86 St.

The suspect had cut the rear screen to gain entry.

Officers found a computer and safe at the rear door of the unit, leading the officers to believe that the suspect had a lookout because they left in a hurry, leaving the items behind.

Police got the description of the suspects to area police.

Officer stopped two suspects and they gave conflicting stories as to why they were in the area.

One suspect confessed to being the lookout for the burglary and both men were arrested.


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