Special Report: Tattooing Packers


by Tom Durian

Rick Hornowski lives the life that many Green Bay Packer fans would kill for. Day in and day out he hangs out with players from the teams of yesterday and today. Hornowski is the owner of Rick’s Tattoo’s in Green  Bay, and his clients include pretty much anyone you can think of from the organization that is “inked.”
    Born in Europe, Hornowski immigrated to the U.S. in the 1960’s and immediately started attending games with his uncle. “My uncle took me to the frozen tundra games, he had season tickets on the 50 yard line so I got to go to some of the games” Hornowski told CBS 58.
    Once he got into tattooing, Hornowski got his first Packers customer when he opened a studio in Green Bay in 1980. Since then he has become known as the “Godfather of tattoos.” He says “It feels nice knowing I did the work for them and they like it and it looks good.”

For more information on Rick, check out his website: www.tattoosbyrick.com/



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