Special Prosecutor won't seek felonies in death of Derek Williams

two officers testified after getting immunity


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE-On Wednesday, special prosecutor John Franke will ask an inquest jury to consider misdemeanor charges of failure to render aid against three Milwaukee Police Officers who were involved in the Derek Williams arrest.

Williams was a robbery suspect when he collapsed in the back of a police squad car in July of 2011.

According to testimony, an officer put a knee in the 22 year old's back and two other officers ignored repeated requests for help.

Franke had been contemplating felony charges of reckless homicide, but in document distributed to reporters on Tuesday, Franke made it clear he does not think the case rises to that level.

The Williams family attorney, John Safran tells CBS 58 that "Although it's a misdemeanor which is concerning, if that's what the charge is I  anticipate it would be submitted, But, based upon the medical evidence I saw and some of the testimony I kind of expected this."

Franke will deliver his closing statement Wednesday then the jury will deliberate.


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