Some WI Farmers Now Eligible for Government Loans

To Help With Drought Losses


by Michele McCormack

RACINE COUNTY-Farmers enjoying the county fair learned Wednesday that the federal government declared 23 Wisconsin counties disaster areas, including Racine, Milwaukee and Walworth.

That means the government will offer low interest emergency loans to farmers and offer them access to land for haying and grazing.

"That's another supply of feed we can get to feed our cattle," Dairy Farmer Chairman Art Green tells CBS 58, "it's a poor quality feed. But, it's available for young stock and heifers."

Governor Scott Walker also announced on Wednesday that the state will help with drought relief.

It will accept applications for loans up to $15,000 for three years.

Still, some farmers found little comfort in the announcement.

As one farmer explained to CBS 58's Elizabeth Fay, what they really need is a comeback of their crop.

"If its going to make it, it's going to make it," he said simply, "If not, we are going to have to contend with what can get done."


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