Soldier comes home from Afghanistan just in time for 9/11 remembrance


MILWAUKEE - 9/11 is a welcome home day for Marine Corp. Staff Sgt. Anthony Triplett.

American flags and balloons are hanging on all corners of his home, decorated by his mother.

The day after returning home from a 7 month tour in Afghanistan he's greeted in his living room by one of his best friends.

The two can trade war stories.

"We were getting mortared like 4,5,6 times a day, like every day, I lost 5 of my friends," said Dustin Wood.

Wood is a Marine who saw active combat in what's known as Iraq's triangle of death, just south of Baghdad; he's been home since 2005.

He and Triplett hugged, saying to each other "home another day man, another day."

Later, holding his uniform, Staff Sgt. Triplett said, "I just think about all the Marines in the past."

For this soldier, this day 11 years ago, is the reason he enlisted.

"I remember 9/11 exactly, we all do, I had just turned on the TV and the 2nd plane had just hit the building, it just stuck in my head, it just stayed there," said Triplett.

Home just in time for the anniversary, now it's a day that generates a different feeling.

"It's also my younger brother's birthday, so yes I'm glad to be home but I'm more glad to be home to celebrate my brother's birthday."

"It's a good day," he said.


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