Snowless streak benefits snow removal budgets


by Mike Strehlow

Milwaukee--It's been a record 281 days and counting between measurable snowfalls in Milwaukee, and that has local municipalities seeing green, and we don't mean the grass.

"What it means for the budget is good news," said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

$7.9 milion was budgeted for snow removal this year. So far, just under $5.5 million has been spent.

The cost of clearing snow is around $100,000 per inch, which means Milwaukee would have to get more than two feet of snow between now and December 31st to use what's left in the budget.

Yolanda Alvarez likes the mild weather. "It is a good that they're saving a lot of money on salt and the trucks and everything else, and we can use the money for better things."

A decision will be made at the end of the year about what to do with the money saved from this year's snow removal budget.

It could be rolled over into next year's budget or be put into a fund used to stabilize the city's tax rate.


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