Snow Creating Prime Seeding Conditions for Farmers


by Elizabeth Fay

JACKSON -- Ross Bishop of Jackson farms 500 acres of land and says he is encouraged by his snow-covered land. "Snow is definitely a plus over the rain because as it slowly melts, it soaks into the soil. it doesn't run off," he says.

After last summer's drought, he desperately wants the weather to cooperate. "We need a good crop for everyone, for farmers as well as the consumer to keep prices cheap. "

Cbs 58 Meteorologist, Michael Schlesinger says the snowfall this season is about average with more than 40 inches of snow.

Last year at this time, the snowfall was almost a foot below normal.

Couple this year's snowfall with the three inches in excess precipitation this year and Bishop is optimistic local farmers will grow healthy crops this spring.

"2013 looks like a pretty good year at this point. We will just take it month by month."




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