Smoke from Minn. fire seen in Milwaukee


MILWAUKEE -- The entire Milwaukee area shrouded in smoke because a massive wildfire is burning in Northern Minnesota.

It's called the Pagami Creek Fire and it's in the arrowhead of Minnesota.

The wildfire was started by a lightning strike in mid August, but by this past Sunday, it has grown to almost 5,000 acres.

Wind conditions have sent smoke to our area, and in Northern Wisconsin, there are reports of ash clouds and low visibility.

The Department of Natural Resources and the health department have gotten many calls from people who are concerned about the air quality. The DNR has not issued an advisory because while there are hourly peaks that exceed the fine particle standard, so far the 24 hour standard has not been exceeded.

The health department tells CBS 58 you should use a hepa filter if you have one.

At this time, they are not suggesting you wear a mask, but they are following what they say will be a prolonged pollution event.


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