Shocking Revelation About Officer Sebena Memorial Controversy


by Michele McCormack

WAUWATOSA---The denial by the names committee for the national law enforcement memorial wall seemed all the more bizarre Friday when it was learned that several officers who died under similar circumstances had their names placed on the wall.

Originally, Sebena was rejected because her death was domestic violence related.

Days after an online petition and public uproar from politicians and police associations reached a fevered pitch, the board then decided it would do further research and make a decision in 2014.

In a letter dated March 22nd to President Obama imploring him to get involved, the Wisconsin Professional Police Association cited three cases that were similar to Sebena's and resulted in the officers involved getting the national honor.

1977: Louisville Police officer Gwen Downs was shot and killed by her husband in a parking lot while responding to a call. He then killed himself.

1989: El Paso Police Detective Norman Montion was on duty on his lunch break when he was shot and killed by a former business partner who had just shot and killed his wife.

2006: Louisiana Sheriff's Deputy Yvonne Pettit was ambushed with an AK-47 by her estranged husband while the deputy was serving a protection order against him. The deputy's partner was wounded.


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