Sheboygan officials announce three new cases of TB


by WDJT Graphics

SHEBOYGAN ---Sheboygan County Public Health announced three new student cases of tuberculosis today.  Health officer Dale Hippensteel says the infected go to two area schools.  "Two cases are at South High School, one case is at Horace Mann, which is a middle school," Hippensteel said.  

Public health officials announced a case of tuberculosis back in late April, and hoped that case was isolated.  These three new cases are all in the extended family as the original student. 

Jean Beinemann, Program Supervisor for the Sheboygan County Health and Human Services Department, says that students who were in close contact with the infected kids will be tested.  "We're looking at testing those individual children that may have had more than two classes together," Beinemann said.  Between both schools, about 70 children could be tested. 

Health officials say that a parent is believed to have started the spread of the infection, but they are not sure how that person first contracted it.  In addition to the four students and the parent, others in that extended family are believed to be infected.  People with tuberculosis face weeks of isolation and months of antibiotic treaments. 

Officials are confident the spread of tuberculosis is contained.  "We do not anticipate transmission happening in a school setting," Beinemann said.

The letter to parents from the Sheboygan Area School District can be seen here:



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