Heroin hits Sheboygan County hard; police take action


by Tiffany Tarpley

SHEBOYGAN--Several agencies in Sheboygan County are working together to address an increasing heroin problem.

"I've been at residences where someone has overdosed on heroin and I've seen how it affects the family," said City of Sheboygan Police Captain, James A. Veeser.

Veeser said there have been increases in heroin related deaths, arrests and police finding the drug on the streets.  In some cases he said it's spiked as much as 500 percent.

"It's a problem happening across the nation and it's also affecting people in Sheboygan County," he said.

They are asking residents of Sheboygan County to participate in a survey about heroin perceptions and use, among other things.

The goal is to identify the best ways to educate the public and help addicts.

"As we address the heroin issue hopefully there's not as much heroin in the community."


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