Sewer work messing with the flow in Riverwest

residents asked to minimize water use along 3200 block of Humboldt


by Michele McCormack

RIVERWEST-DPW has crews re-lining a huge sewer pipe along the 3200 block of Humboldt Avenue.

They're encouraging people to cut back on water use.

They've even set up Porta Potties along the street to help reduce the water use.

DPW says even though people can still use toilets and showers, they just don't want you to use them a lot because that could increase the risk of back ups.

"Most of us have places to go to use the bathroom and stuff," Michael Gruel tells CBS 58 News, "Because the porta potties aren't fun to use."

"It's not so much the no water it's the no flush," Grant Kaske explains. "You can't do the laundry but it's not the end of the world for us."

The project is scheduled to be done by Friday.


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