Set up for Harley 110th shuts down Layton Ave.


by John Cuoco

GREENFIELD -- In Greenfield, Layton Avenue is closed from 60th street to 64th street for the Harley 110th.

The main reason is that the House of Harley is in the area and is being given two days to set up without traffic before things kick off this week.

A lot if the trucks were being brought in and tents were set up on Monday morning.

There are a number of signs around the area that let drivers know where to go and what businesses are open.

Most businesses are accessible from different directions.

CBS 58 spoke with The Board Game Barrister, located across the street from the House of Harley, about what they expect in the coming days.

The executive manager, Gordon Lugauer, said he's still wondering if the thousands that shows up for the 110th will mean foot traffic in his store.

"I hope it's fun and not too painful," Lugauer said.

He did admit that he's cutting back staffing just in case business is down.

The House of Harley sent out a letter to their neighbors saying in part:

"Our preparation includes development of a traffic plan to safely handle traffic and pedestrians, development of infrastructure such as trash collection and trash patrols, ample toilets, a motorcycle parking plan, and 24 hour security."

Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. issued an important traffic alert to prevent serious injuries and fatalities of motorcyclists due to the enormous number of motorcyclists descending into the Milwaukee area for Harley-Davidson’s 110th.

He said motorcyclists are not as readily visible as motor vehicles are, and can be harder to pick up in a car driver’s line of sight, especially at intersections.  Bikers appear “bladed” on city streets because of the narrow width of a motorcycle.  Our eyes are trained to pick up wider objects that sit up higher in our spatial environment while driving a car. This causes car drivers to miss seeing them until it is too late.

The department's goal is to get through this event with no motorcycle crashes caused by the inattentiveness of car drivers.

1.        Pay attention to your blind spots.  Do not depend solely on your mirrors!  Motorcyclists can oftentimes be hidden in your blind spot.
2.        Motorcyclists are entitled to the entire traffic lane.  
3.        Do not crowd them either on their side or from behind.
4.        Car drivers must signal their intent to change lanes.  This will give bikers advance warning of the car driver’s intent to change lanes and a chance to back off.

He added that motorcyclists have an obligation as well; they should not be weaving in and out of traffic or driving down the middle of a traffic lane between cars to get around traffic congestion.




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