Oak Leaf Trail Groper Speaks about Attacks


by WDJT Staff

MILWAUKEE COUNTY --  "My drinking just led to something. I normally don't grab people," says Duane Fish, 41.

Fish admitted to groping women on the Oak Leaf Trail last year. On Friday, a judge sentenced him to 18 months in jail.

He pleaded guilty to three counts of fourth degree sexual assault. Before sentencing he explained why he did it saying, "A male, that is ride a bike in a park, single, seeing females with spandex, you're drunk, your hormones are going, you know."

Fish will also serve two months probation and is also banned from Oak Leaf Trail, Lincoln Memorial Drive, and Gordon and Lake Parks.

Fish apologized to the victims and his family for any embarrassment he may have caused.

Click on the video link to see CBS 58's Elizabeth Fay exclusive interview with Fish.


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