Senate candidates campaign in Milwaukee

Thompson and Baldwin court voters five weeks before election


by Mike Strehlow

Milwaukee--Five weeks before election day, and one day before the release of a new Marquette University poll, the two candidates for U.S. Senate campaigned in Milwaukee Tuesday.

Former Governor Tommy Thompson delivered a fiery speech to the Wisconsin Builders Association, telling supporters his tax cuts as Governor fueled a building boom then and cuts now can once again put people back to work.

Thompson said, "and you know what took place after we cut taxes, cut the property taxes? Builders started building homes again, people started buying, and we created an economy that was on fire ladies and gentlemen! And that's what's got to take place!"

Thompson would not field questions from reporters after his speech.

Democratic Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin did meet with the news media after she took part in a roundtable discussion with fewer than a dozen students at Milwaukee Area Technical College.

Balwin said,"his (Thompson) campaign strategy is up to him. What I can tell you is about what we're doing. In these last weeks especially the opportunity to interact with voters, to talk about the clear choice that Wisconsinites have going into this election is something that I want to seize."

Baldwin will share the stage with President Obama during his visit to UW- Madison Thursday.

Paul Ryan will host a fund-raiser for Thompson October 14th at the Harley-Davidson Museum.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will appear with Thompson in Green Bay the 17th, and the second of three senate debates will be held in Wausau on the 18th.


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