Security plans for opening day of WI State Fair


by WDJT Editor

MILWAUKEE -- Laurie Sherock remembers opening day of the Wisconsin State Fair last year when hundreds of young people rampaged property and violently attacked people outside the fairgrounds.

"They grabbed me by the shoulder and then started swinging at the older people," she says.

Fair organizers and law enforcement officers went to work right after that incident to prevent it from happening again.

When the gates open on Thursday, the new security plan will be put into action. It has fair leaders collaborating with multiple law enforcement agencies.

"There will be security as well as police presence around the fair park both inside and outside of the gates," says WI State Fair Spokesperson, Kristi Chuckel.

Eleven new surveillance cameras will put more digital eyes on fairgoers.

West Allis Police, State Police, fair security and Milwaukee Police will work together using an on-site command center to centralize security efforts. Plus, for the first time, some officers will cover the grounds on segways.

"With the speed of 11 to12 miles per hour, we should be able to cover greater ground than we would on foot and provide good visibility for the police officers," says Officer David Madden with the West Allis Police Department.


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