Friday, October 24, 2014

Search for Nick Wilcox continues
by Becky Mortensen

MILWAUKEE -- It's been nearly three weeks since a UW-Milwaukee student was last seen but Nick Wilcox's family is determined not to give up their search.

A group of about 20 people searched areas around 1st and National Saturday. They walked around the Summerfest grounds and scoured the river.

Also adding new fuel to the search are the billboards that went up around Milwaukee to remind people to keep their eyes open for any sign of the missing man.

"We're just hoping that people that are from out of town that aren't necessarily walking around the city as much seeing the flyers that they'll take awareness to the billboards," Wilcox's girlfriend Kelly McGonagil said. "Maybe someone was here from out of town on New Years that saw something."

McGongil tells CBS 58's Matt Doyle the billbaord space was donated by Clear Channel.

Wilcox's family asks anyone who might have information about Nick to call Milwaukee Police.