School Shooting Rumor Spreads


by WDJT Editor

WAUKESHA -- Waukesha Police increased security at Waukesha High Schools after a rumor of a shooting. Police say their investigation found that the possible threat was a hoax.

Capt. Ron Oremus says it appears one student overheard another student commenting about the end of the world hype. He explains the comment was probably something like, "I'd shoot this place up," says Oremus. "Some kind of comment like that may have been said as a joke, but we can't joke about those things anymore."

Coming off the heels of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school, families are especially uneasy about any word of a possible shooting.

"They are very scared. Even before that hoax there was a lot of fear and concern and this just made it far worse," says Waukesha School District Superintendent, Todd Gary."

Gary says a number of other superintendents called him after the rumor spread through social media. He assures families that police did a thorough investigation and security measures are in place.

"It really appears that there is nothing more than a hoax. Unfortunately, this is not a good joke at all at a time like this."


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