70-year-old man hit by school bus in Eagle


by Katie Hustad

EAGLE -- At approximately 10:08 A.M. on June 10th Waukesha police department responded to a 911 call of a bus vs.pedestrian accident.

Eagle Police and Fire departments responded to the scene. 

A Milwaukee County District school bus from Lincoln High School was traveling west bound on Hwy 59 went of Antique lane in the town of Eagle, Wisconsin.  

The bus hit a 70-year-old man that was in the roadway trying to remove a turtle. The man was taken by ambulance and has been found to have non-life threatening injuries. 

The eagle man had pulled his car to the shoulder of the road in order to remove the turtle from the road. The bus driver slowed down when he saw that man crossing the street, but as the man returned to is vehicle he did not see the bus and stepped out in front of it.

The bus was said to be traveling at no more than 15 mph.

The bus was carrying 49 children, 3 teachers and 2 parents on their way to a field trip. No one on the bus was injured and the turtle survived the incident. 

The accident is still under investigation by the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department at this time.



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