Scare At Sprecher Brewing Company


by Michele McCormack

GLENDALE---One emergency turned into another at the legendary Sprecher Brewing Wednesday afternoon.

At first, emergency crews got a call about a worker who had injured his hand when several kegs fell on top of him.

It was while tending to those injuries that the carbon monoxide detector went off on one of their medical kits that was being carried by one of the medical crews.

More crews did a sweep of the building and had readings as high as 120 parts per million.

They put on protective gear and began to evacuate the building.

Additional crews were requested to assist.

The entire structure was ventilated until fire department meters detected no carbon monoxide levels.

Nobody seemed to fall victim to any symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure.

It was determined the source of the gas was exhaust from a forklift.

Fire officials say the incident highlights the importance of having carbon monoxide detection both at home and at work.


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