Milwaukee County Safety building to open Wednesday morning


by Tiffany Tarpley

MILWAUKEE -- The safety building downtown is scheduled to reopen Wednesday morning after an electrical fire kept the structure closed to the public for two days.  Limited court operations will be held but the building will open an hour later than usual.

"If you have a criminal case anywhere in this complex tomorrow (Wednesday), courthouse, safety building, criminal justice facility, you should show up," explained Chief Judge Jeff Kremers.  "If you have an 8:30am court appearance you should show up at 9:30am, 1:30pm appearance show up at 1:30pm and go to courtroom 117 of the safety building and you will be directed to the appropriate courtroom."

Kremers said it is expected to be busy on Wednesday and he's asking people to have patience.

"We're going to have extra help there from the clerk's office, from facilities management, from the sheriff's department to help make sure we get people in the right places expeditiously as possible so we can minimize wait time."

Jurors are not to report for duty at all this week.  According to the clerk of courts office, jurors will receive a letter in the mail with further instructions.

The Milwaukee County Courthouse was also shutdown as a result of the fire and will remain closed the rest of the week while major clean up continues.



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