Police surround Waukesha home with guns drawn


by Becky Mortensen
by Matt Doyle

WAUKESHA --- A home in Waukesha was surrounded by police Sunday for an apparent stand-off situation.

Waukesha Police closed Kilps Dr. just off Madison around 2:00 p.m.

When CBS 58 crews arrived on scene officers with shields and weapons were on the street.

Several neighbors told CBS 58's Matt Doyle police made their rounds to homes on the street and told people to go into their basements because there was a man with a gun.

"They had the loudspeaker going and they brought the sheriff truck in and called them out," neighbor Tyler Tveten explained the scene. "Then we saw a guy come out with a blue hoodie and they searched him over in front of my house and put him away in a cop truck."

"We saw the guy, it was a younger with a blue hoodie and jeans," Neighbor Joseph Cotton said. "They were taking him down the road, arresting him so we thought that was it."

Other neighbors say police had the house surrounded with guns.

Many people were wondering what exactly happened since the police left without telling them.

"You wonder what the person's going through," Sara Bodine, who lives nearby, said. "You wonder why this happened, you wonder what's going through the cops' head.  The safety of the family and the families around us."

Waukesha Police say they won't be releasing any official information on the incident until Monday morning.

It's unclear if anyone was hurt during the incident.


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