SWAT situation in Waukesha


by John Cuoco

WAUKESHA—Police have a suspect in custody after a six hour SWAT situation.

A SWAT team was dispatched outside a home where 48-year-old Mark Koening had barricaded himself into a bedroom.

Several police agencies were utilized to set up a perimeter and the neighbors were asked to stay in their basements or leave their residences as a precaution.

The previous night Koening allegedly violated his restraining order in the town of Summit and threatened the victim before evading police.

Authorities got word that he was held up in Waukesha possibly with a .22 caliber rifle.

Although Koenig refused to come out of the residence, the other occupants exited the residence unharmed.

Law enforcement used a bean bag round to try to flush him out but that didn't work.

Once authorities got inside the home Koeing was eventually tased and taken into custody.


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